♫♪  RXM Reality - “Back at the Beach”

Chicago based producer RXM Reality returned to New Jersey and created “Back At The Beach” on “the old family desktop.” By slicing up vocals and adding a barely-there yet apparent twinkle, RXM Reality creates the distinct feeling of being in a home that is no longer your home. The first time I listened, I was expecting some sort of “drop,” and there is one, of sorts, at 1:36. It’s very, very tiny, but it changes the rest of the track irrevocably. We are thrust into some sort of chaos that sounds similarly to the order but feels very different. Each element in “Back At The Beach,” although sparing, is bold, giving the track a quiet yet affecting mood. This makes the listener’s journey an individual meditation rather than an experience forcibly manipulated by the producer. RXM Reality is asking us to use his own personal journey as a jumping off point for our own.

Revisiting a world where a desktop computer was once a tool and is now an artifact is both a shocking and a banal experience, and the track seems to capture this poetic grandness and sheer normalcy simultaneously.

• RXM Reality: https://soundcloud.com/rxmreality

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