Hausu Mountain enhances your vibrating video game experience with new Rumble Pack tape batch, out this March

Hausu Mountain enhances your vibrating video game experience with new Rumble Pack tape batch, out this March

In the same way I bake cookies about once a week because I’m always running out of the cookies that I baked last week, it seems like Hausu Mountain is always in my news feed announcing a fresh batch. Well friends, here comes another one, fresh from (not) the oven (because ovens melt tapes): three releases from Arian Shafiee, Lockbox, and RXM Reality — in the form of the Rumble Pack Batch.

Shafiee’s release is called Beauty Tuning, and it’s the first released for the Brooklyn-based guitarist who you probably kinda already know as the guitarist in the hyperactive onslaught band known as Guerilla Toss. Beauty Tuning finds Shafiee going off the deep end with fretless and microtonal guitar practice.

Next up on the still-warm cookie sheet is Lockbox’s Free VDV Prayer. You want a breakneck tour through every single musical genre known to humans with a few that only aliens know about sprinkled in? Then, buddy, you better hop on the Lockbox train. If you can hear that frantic clatter of samples over the burble-burst of synth stuffing, that’s the clatter of the Lockbox train leaving the station; so hop on or go home.

And yeah, yeah: don’t worry your greedy little head, ‘cause Hausu’s got one more for you. In fact, it’s the Hausu Mountain debut of RXM Reality with Panic Cycle. If UK grime sonics pummeled through a distorted pipe straight into the frontal lobe are your speed, then Panic Cycle might make for a pleasant afternoon.

Best of all, every single one of these fresh, hot releases will be done cooling by the windowsill on March 23. If you want to pre-order one, two, or even all three of these fine cassettes before then, visit the link that I’ve kindly embedded right here. And while you’re at it, don’t miss the latest ADT LP Insecurities. No, it’s not your imagination; everyone is smiling because there’s just so much good music. Don’t even worry about it.

Beauty Tuning tracklist:

01. Dramafree
02. ASMR Sigh
03. Voice or Trash
04. Perfect Memory
05. Helvetica
06. I Am Tripping in a Room

Free VDV Player tracklist:

01. Peace On
02. Chakra Cleaners
03. Gemini
04. ALanis Scan2^
06. yea
07. Hoodie
08. Empathy
09. neemon
10. headcasegarbabge
11. BlodOntheCOncrete
12. wildchild
13. Chimera
15. zumiez
16. MedicineHat
17. NuNamaste
18. Airbender Blues
19. Milk Breathe
20. Mame 2
21. shooting_star

Panic Cycle tracklist:

01. Long Hallways
02. Head Sculpture
03. Tiny Slips of Paper
04. I Haven’t Been Invited In
05. My Problem
06. Your Problem
07. Panic Cycle
08. Under

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