Samantha Glass
“The Mechanics of Patrol”

When Samantha Glass gets dark, I listen. If we’re being honest here, Madison, WI, industrial goth lifer Beau Devereaux drops varying degrees of dark music a couple of times a year, whether under the Glass moniker or their other aliases (Roan Linden, Victor Portsmouth), so by that logic I am always listening. The latest Glass cassette, Introducing the Confession, out now on No Rent, contains a few slices of choice sonic bleakness for these last gasps of winter (at least we’re still having some grey days by me). “The Mechanics of Control,” a highlight of the new release, melds the melodic inclinations of the Glass and Roan Linden projects with the rough and grimy noise heard on the Victor Portsmouth tapes. Pick up a copy of Introducing the Confession on either pink or gold cassette, and get ready to confront your demons.

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