♫♪  Seth Graham - Live 2016

Orange Milk Records co-owner Seth Graham is on the most important tour of his life right now:

Aug 11 @ Spektrum in Berlin, Germany
Aug 12 @ Klub Eufemia in Warsaw, Poland
Aug 15 @ Cafe OTO in London, UK
Aug 19 @ Missing Numero in Rennes, France

Once I saw Seth do a live show in the apartment above Silent Barn, and prior to the set, I got veggie hot dogs with his wife and mine. His wife was SO nervous for Seth because his equipment kept failing throughout the day while he was practicing for this set, and nothing seemed to be going good for the fellah. We got there, Seth was drenched in sweat trying to figure out all his plugs, and he was up next. About two minutes in, the sound cut, he stood up and announced (soft-spokenly) “Looks like nothing is working everyone, sorry,” and as he puts his arms and hands out to help accentuate his shoulder shrug, suddenly it seemed like his machines went completely bonkers. He dove back in there, completely White Man Can’t Jump-hustled the whole audience, and practically shattered all minds in that room. Including his.

Seth Graham Live 2016 is merely a taste of what’s to come. But if you ever get to see this guy “perform” …hackle him a little bit. A little anxiety goes a long way for Seth to melt it all away into a glorious collage of pure sound plunder. Flex:

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