♫♪  Seth Graham - “Live At Experimedia 041616”

This past Saturday, the ecclectic Kent, Ohio based label and record store to the stars, Experimedia, hosted a small group of underground sound manglers at their headquarters for an afternoon of live music. If you weren’t there, you missed out. Big time. That is, I think you did. I guess I don’t really know. I wasn’t there.

But wait! For those of you who did miss out (I’m looking at you, me), Experimedia overlord Jeremy Bible captured the day’s noises and posted those bad boys up on the web. Phew!

Amongst the day’s participants was TMT favorite and fifth grade spelling bee champ, Seth Graham. For his short set, Seth pushed around an aural brush, sweeping together scraps of classical, avant-garde, vocal exercises, footwork-inspired skitters, and much more into a terrific, condenced pile. Wait, that sounds bad. His music isn’t a “pile”. Scratch that analogy.

Anywho, listen to his entire set below, check out the other acts from that day here, and be on the lookout for a long-in-the-making interview with Seth on this very website, soon.

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