♫♪  Seth Graham - “Op Era”

Being raised in Ohio by two New York City parents was super difficult because I’m the sorta person who shares. More-so, I like the feeling of community and relating to others, so when we’re being raise macrobiotic, listening to Miles Davis, and reading dad’s second-hand art magazines, there’s little to none in terms of “same page” with kids on the block. So, for me, listening to Seth Graham is like flying down Bellflower Street hill, belly first and face front atop of the yellow part of a Playskool car, just winging it. Faith in fun. Living risky in the name of being completely at peace with life. And “Op Era” is that carefree fucked up feel I live to listen for in music. It’s all comprised so haphazardly, but knowing Seth Graham, this track probably took months of “Nahhh, not this. But maybe this? Let’s scrape this,” including a piecemeal of days (amounting to a few weeks) dangling in his computer’s recycling bin. So enjoy the acoustics. Find paradise in something that probably took a laborious amount of time to make sound practically impromptu sculpting with fine metal:

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