♫♪  Suzi Analogue - ZONEZ V.2

All-around goddess Suzi Analogue has once again elevated our feeds with the second installment of her audiovisual ZONEZ series. The tape, released by her Never Normal Records label, coexists with seven short videos, or as she calls them, ‘moods,’ that visualize its 11 tracks.

In them, Suzi slurps noodles and uses chopsticks to taste some white flowers, the petals of which are echoed in some mesh pants I must find/have, and rosettas adorn the cathedral. Sound, video, fashion, styling, performance, and all the other tiny details work to form a zone that’s a little retro and full of play. Memories manifest into fantasies, and then back the other way.

ZONEZ V.2 features Teklife’s DJ Earl, new work from WORKFLOWWW, Suzi and Earl’s production duo, and original visuals from artists Nate James and Natalia Arias. Stream ZONEZ V.2, and watch the full suite of moods, here.

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