DJ Earl & Nick Hook hook up for tour and new album 50 Backwoods on Fool’s Gold

DJ Earl & Nick Hook hook up for tour and new album 50 Backwoods on Fool’s Gold
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Are you ready to party like it’s 1989, juke like it’s 1999, and get psyched about genre mashups like it’s 2009? Then I’ve got just the assemblage of audio recordings for you: it’s the new collaborative album between footwork fiend DJ Earl and analog authority Nick Hook. Entitled 50 Backwoods, the record is out December 8 on Fool’s Gold! (Extremely Street Fighter voice:) PERFECT!

The record is being framed as “an experimental merger of hip-hop and old school electronic” which combines the twin sensibilities of Earl and Hook in a forward-thinking gumbo of all your favorite retro flavors (aaaaaaaand now you’re hungry). The album took a week to record in Brooklyn, because you know that old cliché about New York: “it’s the city that never takes longer than a week to record an album in.” It also sports features from Jacks, Wiki, and Melo-X.

If you need more evidence those musty, old school sounds are back in style, I submit to you Exhibit B: the 50 Backwoods tour! Check out all the dates below so you can embarrass yourself trying out all those pro footwork moves you found off YouTube in a venue-with-an-evocative-one-to-two-word-name near you! Listen to steaming slices of Earl and Nick’s independent work down below (sorry, now you’re hungry again!), and don’t forget to read the full 50 Backwoods tracklist below, as well, because what else could you possibly have going on between now and early next month??

50 Backwoods tracklisting:

01. Calculate
02. I’m Smokin ft. Jacks
03. Energy
04. Hook Chop ft. Wiki
05. We the People ft. Melo-X
06. Mood Right Now
07. Liberate
08. Alice

DJ Earl & Nick Hook dates:

12.06.17 - Raleigh, NC - Kings
12.07.17 - Chicago, IL - East Room
12.08.17 - Austin, TX - Scatchouse
12.09.17 - Dallas, TX - The Nines
12.14.17 - San Diego, CA - SPACE
12.15.17 - El Paso, TX - Club Here I Love You
12.21.17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
12.22.17 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
12.23.17 - Oakland, CA - Starline Social Club


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