♫♪  Tonstartssbandht - Christchurch

Rock and roll: who knows about it? Matter of fact, whose seen’t it? That said, who remembers it?

Well, unbeknownst to the majority of the rockin’ free world, it’s 100% still alive. And though I guess it’s posh to fleek on some chill-ass bangers these days, and yeah dubstep can’t stop with it’s woob woob woob whooooooaaaabs, a better business borough associate has confided in me that Rock & Roll is hair to stray. Bug time, partner.

Gladly, jam champs and perennial good sports, Tonstartssbandht, have bequeathed a ripper of a tape to further prove rock ain’t dead. And let me tell you, it’s top notch stuff. Complied of live audio of a show in Christchurch, New Zealand from last year, Christchurch is an hour long mind melter of a trip. Smell the sweat and grind below, and grab a copy of the tape here.

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