♫♪  Tonstartssbandht - “Sorcerer”

Find yourself avast. Matterless, but still within this universe. Dissolve that feels like cooking something all day. It’s time. There’s a process to this alchemy. Believe in the residual. Find graffiti as future. Knowledge whenning the stone. A fear that’s less gradual, but much more beneficial of voice. Although, no voice. It’s a time machine that agresses. Pure: fragile egg. Leave me to me and be you from this and me, please. Maybe mantra. But calm. Chasing the storm for a beautiful aftermath. Geometry of a skyline. Crystalline Fabergé. Color only this memory can posses. No image so near. Completely natural magic.

Tonstartssbandht conjures thy “Sorcerer” in all that are willing to listen. Brew:

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