♫♪  Treasure Hunt - “Moutard”

Well, upon Treasure Hunting the meaning for “Moutard,” while simultaneously listening to the acid-warped new track on Illuminated Paths, I found this little tid-bit. But “Moutard” is less a tiny-tot than what’s listed on http://en.bab.la ‘cause it brings that flayed mind mixture of beat-em-up body movement dancing and glitched out post-psychedelic electronica that hacks out mental states and returns brains with a sense of mystery. Thus, Treasure Hunt is sonically pulsing at your nodes to eventually mush your brain enough that everyday will feel unfamiliar and a scavenging of familiar but forgotten activities.

And actually, I heard from a SUPER reliable source that Treasure Hunt’s new release Hacker has been in the works for years now, goes “before it’s time” by fleshing out beyond OUR time NOW, and leaves a sizzle along visual horizons, yet the mystery, the ark, that Treasure Hunt is always on the other side. NOT from the reliable source, but what I’m thinking, is that Hacker had been HACKED into on Treasure Hunt’s computer, was fucked with, then HACKED AGAIN, fucked with, and then came back to Treasure Hunt, who fucked with it further, and now it’s the exquisite corpse it is today. I mean, maybe. I’d like to think of it as having gone through multiple stages of personality and eroded disorder. Either/or, scope the track “Moutard” by Treasure Hunt below, and grip the entire new digital OR CASSETTE (with two bonus tracks) of Hacker via Illuminated Paths.

• Treasure Hunt: http://www.treasurehuntmusic.com
• Illuminated Paths: http://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com

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