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A bionic agent known as T(erminato)(rolle)r sets out from the contemporary drone / avant scene to wormhole back to the early 80s and kill John C(onno)(arpente)r before he can spearhead the human uprising. Blessed with a supernatural capacity for drum machine communication, an internal ADSR interface, and a mainframe filled with decades of structural blueprints, the machine-human arrives in the past and discovers it exactly to its liking. “I can dig this,” it beeps, propping its feet up on an oil drum. It aborts the mission, nestles into an abandoned warehouse, and sets up its gear. If it can’t bring the head of the human messiah back to its robotic overlords, at least it can make them some dope tracks.

Austin’s Troller have repressed their self-titled debut in a fresh edition — available now on vinyl via Holodeck Records and CD via Handmade Birds. If you haven’t stepped into their reverb-drenched, beat-abused factory yet, do it now. Hear human howls and synth howls cohere across the stereo spread and drag us across the threshold into an alternate timeline where “pop music” caught the industrial mutagen early on and evolved accordingly. Turn off the lights and let the ambient interludes creep across your home. Turn up the volume when the synths burgeon and the rhythms complicate. Turn over the record when Side A ends. Turn over the record when Side B ends. Repeat until *the future* gets here.

• Holodeck Records: http://holodeckrecords.com
• Handmade Birds: http://handmadebirds.com/

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