Samantha Glass teams with Troller for Midwest tour, shares new video

Samantha Glass teams with Troller for Midwest tour, shares new video

Ahh, the sights and sounds of fall: crisp, newly-fallen leaves; the crackling of bonfires; the pair of hands grasping as they attempt to free themselves from the dark prison of the grave. At least, that’s the autumnal vibe (in part) from Samantha Glass’s glorious new Chris Rusch-directed video for “Hidden Arrangements,” in which the director and the good people of Holodeck Records set Samantha on fire and buried him alive, etc., all over the course of SXSW, when the video was shot. As they say, what happens at SXSW stays at SXSW!!

If this video lights up your icy heart and you’re all “Ahhhhh Gawwwwd when can I get closer to a reality in which both my hands are set ablaze in the infernal darkness?” well, hark! For the Madison, WI-based Glass has announced a fall Midwestern tour that entirely bypasses Minneapolis [Editor’s Note: W.T.F.], but ventures into other lovely middle parts of our country. Samantha Glass will be touring with the equally wonderful Troller. Behold!

09.01.16 – Norman, OK - Opolis Prod
09.02.16 – Fayetteville, AR - Backspace
09.03.16 – Wichita, KS - Kirby’s Beer Storer
09.04.16 – Denver, CO - Glob
09.06.16 – Madison, WI - The High Noon Saloon
09.07.16 – Ft Wayne, IN - Ft Wayne Museum of Art
09.08.16 – Chicago, IL - Digital Art Demo Space
09.09.16 – Indianapolis, IN - State Street Pub
09.10.16 – Detroit, MI - The UFO Factory
09.11.16 – Cleveland, OH - Mahall’s
09.13.16 – Cincinnati, OH - The Mockbee
09.14.16 – Bloomington, IN - The Cram
09.15.16 – St. Louis, MO - The Kismet Creative Center
09.16.16 – Kansas Ciy, MO - MiniBar
09.17.16 – Dallas, TX - The Crown and Harp

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