♫♪  v e s a - a·typ·i·cal

Beats as sharp as blades. Boom bap going down like them Russian producers from Sheepshead Bay. A Chinatown that’s legality is consistently being threatened by the next big thing. Eh, it’s a·typ·i·cal in reality, but for v e s a? Clouds like they lingering a bit too long. Heavy plumes and fumes worth $15 a whiff. Chiseled sentiments. Hardcore volumes. Loops from the shop that’s been least visited in all of Manhattan. Vinyl pressed just for the beat. There’s sound effects being used here that are totally synthetic; no way did v e s a sample all these, because —well, it’s possible the dude came to NYC by-way of sky than another state or country. Maybe X-Files been on his case since a n g e l s last October. Always the fucking information. Nobody cares where this audio from, all they need is that a·typ·i·cal v e s a, and it’s drunken-up mix here-on-out. SNOW’S COMING:

• v e s a: http://vesa.bandcamp.com

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