♫♪  v e s a - Sun​.​Blends​.​EP

Another grip of summer jams appropriate to shine block any of them P4K, Rolling Stone, and Big Country Concert suggestions that’ve been rotting minds out there, v e s a serves up Sun​.​Blends​.​EP on a top-shelf paddle-board of shot glasses, brimming with action that’ll take your ass from NYC to a Brooklyn deli to Coney Island beach on the rocks, spliffing out to warm vibes that are equally weather and musically related. People walking out to you on them rocks, you thinking they either want a hit or to put it out, but the pleasant surprise of “Who did this music?” comes out of this stranger’s mouth, so you pass off the knowledge for them to inhale and absorb. Sun​.​Blends​.​EP is borderline hypnotism. Just wait til Winter rolls through, your ass too frosty for relaxation, and the v e s a pops on. Melt.

Hear that heat mirage waving off Sun​.​Blends​.​EP by v e s a below:

• v e s a: https://soundcloud.com/vesabeats

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