Yamaneko opens up with new album Spirals Heaven Wide, spills out new track “Fall Control”

Yamaneko opens up with new album Spirals Heaven Wide, spills out new track "Fall Control"
Photo: Dominic Morris

Duck and cover, all you heathens; UK-born but Japanese-based ambient grimer Yamaneko (whom Google defines helpfully as a “musical artist”) is BACK. And he’s bringing the full force of HEAVEN ITSELF with him.

On November 15, ol’ Yam — no, it’s cool, we’re friends; I call him “Yam” a lot — will team up with the spacetime fabric of paradise itself (and the Local Action label, to a less-impressive extent) to release his follow-up to last year’s Afterglow EP, entitled Spirals Heaven Wide.

Written in London last winter before he relocated to Tokyo, Yam tells me Spirals Heaven Wide is his “longest and largest-sounding release to date,” and it combines some of his “most evocative long-form pieces with the kind of haunting miniatures that made his early music so distinctive.” Hmm. That kind of sounds like press release talk to me, but what do I know? I stand with Yam.

Earlier today, the advance track “Fall Control” was released, and it LITERALLY BROKE THE INTERNET. (I know what you’re thinking; but no: I meant the word “literally” literally.)

You can check out this latest slice of Yam’s signature hazed-out trance for yourself down below — don’t worry that the internet is broken, HEAVEN is on it. Oh, and pre-order the full album here on your choice of vinyl or digital. Unless, of course, you don’t have complete faith in Yam, like I do.


Spirals Heaven Wide tracklisting:

01. Spirals Heaven Wide
02. Hikikomori
03. Kalimotxo
04. Fading Embers
05. Haunts
06. This Spring of Love
07. Balstonia
08. Fall Control
09. Like the Rain only Gentle
10. You Envied the Stars Their Height
11. (True Ending)

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