♫♪  woopheadclrms - Asaga Fu an Fumoragu Aria

It’s always refreshing to encounter publishers that tease the accepted materiality of musical objects. As of late, BIZAARBAZAAR’s t-shirt compilation comes to mind. woopheadclrms embedded a stick in the spine of the CD case for his groundbreaking Meeting Room + Rare Plants release, and for his latest full-length, Asaga Fu an Fumoragu Aria, he’s hawking a CD, or a pair of them, that sandwich as buns around a stringy burger made of psychedelic, plastic tendrils. I’m not entirely sure how this is playable, but even as a concept the object speaks as many volumes as the now-signature collection of plundered voices twisting their tongues around endless moods throughout the album’s thirteen tracks.

Listen as woop keeps continues to explore his cut-and-paste aesthetic. This time around, it feels like he’s searching for something rather than simply arranging his found sounds, with large atmospheric stretches and layers of indiscernible backgrounds heaving and gushing around the samples. Where will he emerge? If the final track on this release, “No worry 凸坊’”, is anything to go by, woop’s destined for an elegant sludge pooling around an orchestra and languidly sucking down a wind section as if through a wide straw, which is easily the most random and my favourite situation of the lot.

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