Japanese sound artist Woopheadclrms premieres new single “Empire of Shopping Mall,” announces upcoming album, vs o.t.O.g.l,

Japanese sound artist Woopheadclrms premieres new single "Empire of Shopping Mall," announces upcoming album, vs o.t.O.g.l,
vs o.t.O.g.l, artwork: Daniel Vojtíšek

If you aren’t familiar with woopheadclrms, it’s time to chuck your spellcheckers and Grammarly apps and get acclimated.

Woop’s attention to the most minuscule of details separates him from the hordes of artists residing under the “plunderphonics” tag on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. The Japanese sound artist’s last release, Meeting Room + Rare Plants, stole the hearts of the hearts of TMTers everywhere with its mesmerizing collages and breakneck turns, landing it the prestigious title of Tiny Mix Tapes’ #35 favorite album of 2017 (the ONLY album EVER to hold that title).

In order to condition audiences for the neuron-shredding sounds of his latest album vs o.t.O.g.l, —due out on June 14 on the Prague-based Genot Centre label — Woophead has graciously decided to premiere “Empire of Shopping Mall,” a sonic painting of contrasting extremes. Both brooding, and hyperactive, it lands somewhere between Noah Creshevsky’s maximalism and the fourth-world elements of Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo. Listen closely. Watch the digital clouds roll by, but by all means, don’t let your guard down. Storms roll in quickly in this world.

Stream “Empire of Shopping Mall” below and make sure to pre-order vs o.t.O.g.l, on cassette or digital at Genot Centre’s Bandcamp as soon as it’s available.

vs o.t.O.g.l, tracklisting:

01. I’m
02. Empire of Shopping mall
03. Blindness??
04. Hane
05. Meaning
06. Indie
07. Killer F
08. Open it, close it, break it, cry
09. Fill
10. The sky is a mirror of endless mind
11. School
12. Calculation & Taste
13. Only you
14. Selfie
15. Weather channel

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