♫♪  Yamaneko - “Noises In The Wave Wires Like The Kissing Of The Sea” ft. Rimplton

Vocal grime can sound a lot like hip hop, then sometimes, in cases like Yamaneko’s “Noises In The Wave Wires Like The Kissing Of The Sea,” it can become something entirely new. Local Action has had a strong year, with releases as varied as DJ Q’s soulful garage on Ineffable and Slackk’s meditative instrumental grime on Palm Tree Fire, and on November 24th, the world will be graced with Yamaneko’s debut Pixel Wave Embrace. Seemingly the only vocal track on the album, it calls to mind the watery production of Botany’s Lava Diviner (True Story) or Mssingno’s major “XE2” from last year, but uses some ominous vocals to keep the track grounded in a reality, albeit a fantastical one. It’s even a stretch to call this vocal grime. It doesn’t operate like a producer and an MC; the relationship is much more interconnected and symbiotic. And if Mumdance, Mr. Mitch, and Logos all give the forthcoming album a major thumbs up, we’re all the more excited for the 24th to come.

Pixel Wave Embrace
out Nov 24 via Local Action
01. Fragrance Transmission
02. Greeen Hillz
03. Slew Wave
04. Tropics
05. Yonkoma
06. Accela Rush
07. Primrose Island
08. Seabrooke Rise
09. Tugboat
10. Calotype Process
11. ~
12. Noises In The Wave Wires Like The Kissing Of The Sea (feat. Rimplton)
13. Adrift

• Yamaneko: https://soundcloud.com/yamaneko
• Local Action Records: https://soundcloud.com/localactionrecords

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