Yamaneko to release the steamy, soothing mini-LP Spa Commissions on Local Action

Yamaneko to release the steamy, soothing mini-LP Spa Commissions on Local Action
Photo: Jun Yokoyama

Ohhh yeeeeeaaahhhh, readers: for all the sensuous, relaxing fun of going to a spa — but with none of the expectation of having to interact with other humans — here comes Spa Commissions, a new mini-LP from U.K. producer Yamaneko.

Spa Commissions came about earlier this year, after a literal European spa commissioned (HA!) Yamaneko to create some music for them. And judging from some of the song titles on this album, we can make some pretty good guesses as to for what purposes the spa would be using Yamaneko’s compositions.

“Suzuka (Morning),” for example, is obviously the song the spa uses as an alarm clock, to peacefully wake all guests from their relaxed sleep state into a blissful-but-alert one. “Glacial Heal Aid,” on the other hand, is what plays as your body gradually restores itself to equilibrium after a particularly intense hot stone massage. And “Crystal Palace Dolphin?” Well, that’s obviously what plays when you venture to Crystal Palace to receive your final quest from the hyper-intelligent dolphin that secretly runs the spa, unbeknownst to the prying eyes of the staunchly anti-dolphin government.

At some point however, Yamaneko clearly realized, “This is bigger than just some spa in Europe that a hyper-intelligent dolphin runs in secret…also, wait a minute: it’s illegal for dolphins to own businesses in 2017. No, this album is for the PEOPLE.”

Thus, Spa Commissions will be digitally released for the self-care and luxurious comfort of all November 17 on Local Action. It can be pre-ordered via Local Action’s Bandcamp here. While you wait, help yourself to come cucumber water, take a listen to “Yayama Islands (Setting Sun),” see Spa Commisions’ artwork, and imagine many other plausible spa-scenarios for each of the album’s songs by reading the full album tracklisting, all down below. Follow your bliss:

Spa Commissions tracklisting:

01. Suzuka (Morning)
02. Sleep Navigator
03. Glacial Heal Aid
04. Royal Beluga Comfort Zone
05. Lily’s Dream Fountain
06. Any% Teardrop ASMR
07. Yaeyama Islands (Setting Sun)
08. Crystal Palace Dolphin
09. Flower Garden (Night)

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