♫♪  Yao Guai Cave - BRAIN ZAPS

That twitch of your eye when you least expect. Feeling fluid in your ear and knowing it’s not water. The hyper reality of hearing something very familiar, but it’s not that at all, and maybe it’s something wrong with your [electronic product(s)]. Never realizing your true potential is exactly what you’ve been experiencing all along. When “Lezkettit” is more of that fantastic visual of self that reveals itself in spurts of instinct and overwhelming intent. Falling apart while marking every day on your calendar only to find it a waste of ink. Days and mornings, afternoons and midnight, BRAIN ZAPS by Yao Guai Cave is here to heal your h’ears. What’s that? It’s Pedicure Records speaking directly to an audience that is just as conscious busted as their artists. Or is it more conscious readjusted? Either way, you’re destiny is below in little BRAIN ZAPS by Yao Guai Cave:

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