♫♪  Yao Guai Cave - Merriweather Post-Nightcore

Merriweather Post-Nightcore by Yao Guai Cave is OUT and it’s a MEME of a mix. Total Pedicure Records fuckery. Pure post-modern music satire at it’s finest. Every moment a recollections like “Oh, yeah!” Every other moment a questioning refurbished and almost bombastic decisions like “Oh, yeah?” So what the fuck you doing just sitting there reading? Dance. DANCE! If Yao Guai Cave ain’t already conveying this relentlessly via Merriweather Post-Nightcore, then you should step back a few years in music and settle on being antiquated in musical tastes, complaining about how “All music sounds the same now. Kids these days!” It’s Yao Guai Cave’s turn to wet some brains. [PCP] featuring A. G. Kush— roll up:

• Yao Guai Cave: https://soundcloud.com/yaoguaicave
• A. G. Kush: https://soundcloud.com/agkushmsmsmsm
• Pedicure Records: https://soundcloud.com/pedicure-records

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