♫♪  YlangYlang - “Hejira”

YlangYlang shares a gracious cover of the title track from Joni Mitchell’s 1978 album Hejira.
Her voice breaks through Joni’s like tears, happy tears, and all the rest.
Their mouths close on my ear, delicately, as if for me only.
A small puff of a cloud gathers from the mist off the lake.

In the image, she is concealed by her own reflection reflected back in the image of a faceless woman.
She is turned away, so she turns to face her, an obscured echo.
She sees a piece of herself in her body, her story, as Joni writes, “in everyone.”
“Hejira” a voicing of all that resounds through those other mists, of agelessness.

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