♫♪  YlangYlang & Così e Così - The Craft of Coupling

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Outsider music is something I enjoy trying to define as much as world music. There’re distinguishable qualities to outsider tunage that’s only mastered (I believe) once the SELF has been conquered. Welp, TMT frequent readers should be familiar with Così e Così by now, however, if you’re not, there’s no better time to start, as the artist has teamed up on a full length with tour-mate YlangYlang in the new Ailanthus Records release of The Craft of Coupling. Oh yeah, it’s something that’s been growing for a minute.

So, but: “WTF, C? How can you conquer SELF with TWO parties in play? Also… duo outsiders?” YES! Both have developed such a unique sound within their solo projects (considering Così e Così’s debut title literally states, Self Exitj, & YlangYlang pitched similar vibes in No Exist (Feel Special)), that the best way to combine their sounds is through fragment club synthetics, contortionist beats, alienated vocals, timber defined by Internet, and titling it The Craft of Coupling. And who better could handle such a project than Ailanthus Recordings?

Scope The Craft of Coupling by YlangYlang & Così e Così below on Ailanthus Recordings and find your own bit of self sacrifice:

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