♫♪  YlangYlang & Così e Così - The Science of Separation

Ylang Ylang & Così e Così are an unstoppable force. Proof:

“Actress” is off their The Craft of Coupling release. This isn’t what I’m writing about today. Because the group has done-did ANOTHER RELEASE. And on Ailanthus Recordings, mother fucker!

The Science of Separation is exactly the next step in pop music. Well, let’s say a step back to take a different path. Like how DJ Dog Dick is making them noise-pop waves by-way of outsider folk. Or Bernardino Femminielli doing Johnny Cash on karaoke singing Serge Gainsbourg tracks with John Cage back-beats. YlangYlang & Così e Così is what Yoko and Lennon would’ve fucked with in the 21st c. It’s the tag in all teams. Romance entwined with sounds that put distance upon the featureless. The dark corner of your room echoing back at you.

And shit doesn’t end there. YlangYlang & Così e Così has The Science of Separation dropping on cassette June 10 via Moldy Pizza Records and Tapes, and there’s going to be a release party for it tomorrow in Montreal! Please, go for me! I cannot as I’m NYC locked and mentally burdened. Thus, my night alone. In a room. Listening to The Science of Separation on the low. Così e Così ramble-whispering. YlangYlang demonizing my ear drums with modern incantations. Everything ablaze:

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