♫♪  Yung Lean - “Skimask”

The experiences of Yung Lean as an artist have built an intriguing and somewhat low-key story in music. Leandoer has evolved from the cloud rap, Arizona Tea tongue-in-cheek memetic appeal his earlier work engendered without disavowing his roots there (“Sad Boys” shout-outs still abound). That is not to say tracks like the slushed-up “Hurt” or “Kyoto” aren’t excellent tracks for rolling, but “Skimask” bangs in its own right. Gone is the holographic haze of Yung Lean’s earlier production and instead, a newfound swagger and punchier vibe has taken root. There’s no meandering, melancholy, melodic beat or flow of monotone rapping here. In fact, you might be surprised it’s him by the jarring key interpolation, or to even hear this refreshing confidence from Yung Lean, more distinct and boastful than ever. Then again, he’s never lacked for the kind of instinctive clout found on “Skimask”; that’s always been Leandoer’s territory and his latest effort shows it’s still on lock.

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