♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 100 - One-Hundo$-Grand-Milli: hi!

Meeting people is like kicking yourself in the face. It’s like, “Hey, this is how fucking weird I am. Can you get down with that, or (inevitably; without question; don’t stop me from asking) will I walk away with a crippled mentality?” The liar is completely comfortable in new situations. Depending upon how much ego you can excrete upon your mind grapes, fluctuation in reality is sheer mystery. ‘Cause there’s never any way that happened, nahh. Creativity is all about placating a collective world view. Let’s be this person. I want to have interests. Can I understand what you’re saying? Probably, on a level of, “Okay, what does it matter?”

Venting, meanwhile, is like the juice one squeezes into laughter on an iffy day. Is it chill if we just pumped? Put down the pen and get along with the crowd around. Unless you’ve breathing problems. I can understand that. Wet boxes. More than 200 lbs. of metal to lift up 20 steps at a width of [exact size]. Sweat dripping and sticking to the fat around your ventricles. Heartburn is entirely different when the organ is making its way up and out your throat/body. Internal evacuation has nothing to do with Loa and is entirely involved with the meaning of disembowelment. Sacrifice is the ultimate form of flattery. Hi!

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[00:00] Future X Mike WiLL - “Bugatti Interlude”
[00:36] Lil B - “Twerk Sum”
[03:00] Gunge - “I Am Sorry
[04:43] New Dreams Ltd. - “Gone”
[05:19] French Montana - “Ballin”
[05:47] AHNNU vs D/P/I - “WST.00”
[06:38] Boy Fruit - “GROWN A$$ MAN”
[07:36] PARTY TRASH - scrapped - 18 knockin
[08:29] Tink - “The Confession”
[09:29] Anne Guthrie - “Branching Low and Spreading”
[09:29] Nicola Ritta - “b2 1015”
[09:40] Arrington de Dionyso - “Insect Sounds in Central Sulawesi”
[09:42] Atrocious Neighbour - “Tama Night Crawling”
[09:42] C L E A N E R S - “Slumtown Symfunny”
[11:03] Jared Leto - “Golden Globes [Intro]”
[11:13] The Savage Young Taterbug - “Hillbilly French”
[11:17] Infinity Frequencies - “Flesh”
[13:18] BONES - “Lightning”
[14:46] D/P/I - “STON E”
[15:45] Beat Detectives - “The Sickness”
[16:51] Bookfa - “PRESS BOOKFA PRESS”
[18:24] Signor Benedick The Moor - “Nihilistic Neoclassical Narcissist: American Beauty Part One”
[20:01] The Crystal Method - “Over It (feat. Dia Frampton of Meg & Dia)”
[20:30] Seth Graham - “Describing Keith Rankin”
[20:51] acemo - “Open Close”
[20:59] E-40 - “Stompdown (Skit)”

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