♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 120 - Devil’s Night 2015

WARNING: “Devil’s Night 2015” was compiled as a musical representation of La Fin Absolue du Monde, a film that’s only been screened publicly once, its premiere having resulted in a homicidal riot. Angels were killed in the making of this compilation, their cherubim cries tracked in the mix itself.

The sacrifices were conducted in a quiet coastal town overrun by the zombie cannibal followers of a dark stranger who’d returned after a century to spread his long-forgotten religion. It found feverish congregates in the local women’s college, where a new string of suicides raised few, if any, eyebrows.

One who made it through now pursues a postgraduate degree in philosophy on the opposite coast. Hopelessly addicted, she fights daily with her live-in boyfriend, a starving artist turned serial killer, and loses herself in the Instagram feed of a photographer shooting gothic novel covers in abandoned castles overseas. There too, “Devil’s Night 2015” plays to a captive audience.

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Special thanks to All These Fingers for doing a beat specifically for this mix, to Grandmilly and QS for contributing a track from a yet-to-be-released album, and to Spettro Family and LoDeck for providing songs otherwise available only on physical releases. R.I.P. Koopsta Knicca. Let’s Go Mets.

[00:00] Devouring Ghost - “Eye Socket”
[03:15] Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death - “Ghost”
[07:09] Gangsta Boo - “Meet The Devil”
[10:09] John Carpenter - “Night”
[13:45] Grandmilly - “GNOST” (Unreleased)
[16:30] Spettro Family - “The Tenant From Hell”
[18:58] LoDeck - “Quiet Recollections”
[21:10] All These Fingers - “Phantasm” (Exclusive)
[24:20] Da Mafia 6ix - “Come Get Sum”
[27:52] Snow Ghosts - “The Wreck”

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