Chocolate Grinder Mix 63
Take The Adventure

I wanted to make a mix that was adventurous and thematic to me both in creative thought and sound. Most of these artists have made releases that I died listening to this year. Every day that I experience of real life makes me want to further ingrain myself into this computer. Not to say that two, three hours out of my day are worth realism. But, for all I’m concerned, the rest of it can fast-track itself out of existence. This mix is my transcendence into that life. My final peace will occur when all my particles break and absorb into technology. I wish I had the responsibility of just a single piece of the matter comprised in my entire body rather than organizing it all into a nice-guy failure. I’m the only escapist I know in real life and that concerns/enlightens me on a variety of levels.

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[00:00] sunn 0))) - “Holy Water”
[00:08] Transmuteo - “Ocean Intro”
[01:02] Bataille Solaire - “[Part One]”
[02:27] Diamond Terrifier - “Three Kings”
[05:20] Blonde God - “[Track 1]”
[06:04] Gesellschaft zur Emanzipation des Samples - “Irrelevant Sound Effect”
[07:12] Superskin - “Jungle Juice”
[11:20] Frank Rosaly - “[A]”
[12:13] Prurient - “Vicodin Slave”
[12:45] Earn - “Romantic Comedy”
[13:37] Charlemagne Palestine & Janek Schaefer - “Raga de L’apres midi pour Aude”
[18:00] Starving Weirdos - “A Change In The Lexicon”
[23:11] Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt - “Attitude Adjustment”
[24:55] YYU - “What Do You Want To Be”
[25:12] /please/ - “Why Should I”

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