♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 83 - Elements: Its Every Crease

Hi! So, this week I had some hardcore technology meltdowns. From tape recorders failing to my phone constantly dying to Audacity hating me and my time and my computer. Since I’m writing this before redoing the mix on lunch, I’m hoping you’re listening to it today: FriFri. I realize I could write/edit this post-mixing, but I’m into this intense readiness to complete a mix within an hour. All the files are downloaded, listed in order, and ready to fly. And since my phone has been a BITCH and is seeking out “similar problems,” the original mix I had planned to create fell through (more on that later). In light of that, Mr P suggested I do a straight-up hip-hop mix. Which I did, and it’s not mixed or edited. Total genuine CD-mix style, being sold in Times Square right now, only you can hear it below, ‘cause I get my people traffic on TMT. Hi!

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[00:00] RIA EKIN - “SEARCHING FRIENDS” (excerpt)
[00:23] Mack Maine - “Kobe or Ginolbli”
[02:22] Nmesh - “Bayside High As Fuck” (excerpt)
[02:35] The Underachievers - “Herb Shuttles”
[04:55] Lou Tennant - “COPS SIDE-A” (excerpt)
[05:08] Lil B - “Lifes Hard”
[07:12] Action Bronson - “No Time” (excerpt)
[07:26] 18+ - “BITCH”
[09:00] Dracula Lewis - “Cheetah”
[11:34] Knx - “KwunsStrongr.ntro” (excerpt)
[11:46] Mykki Blanco - “Ace Bougie Chick”
[14:28] French Montana - Garbage Bag Money
[15:35] Rick Ross & Birdman - “Addiction”
[18:11] Spaceghostpurp feat. Nell - “No Trouble”
[19:37] Tree - “Busters”
[21:30] Free Weed - “Superstar”

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