Chocolate Grinder Mix 93

Hi! My name is Clifford Jameson Morrissey. Like all of you, I am a slave to this world. I just returned from moving things with a pal, it’s 12:34 AM, and I’m enjoying one of my favorite things: sitting in the dark on my second-floor apartment porch. It’s windy out. I should probably take down the metal chime.

The neighbors downstairs were arguing loudly before I left. Their two babies were crying, and the eldest kid was calming them on the front stoop as I drove off. Incidentally, I unavoidably ran over a raccoon on the way home whilst listening to one of last year’s Angels in America tapes; I think they broke up.

Got a call from mom tonight. At 7:30 AM, I must move a television into Grams’ bedroom before work ‘cause they’re painting the walls around her usual sitting spot. A moment ago, there were raccoons banging loudly by the garage. Circle of life, right? The eldest son from downstairs chased ‘em off with a snow shovel and kicked a dual stroller on his way inside. His mother at the back door said, “They’ll be back Tuesday.” Right.

[Writer’s Note: Said metal chime fell during the night and tangled itself in the chair I was sitting on while writing all prior text before brackets.]

On a current note, this mix I made is hardly more than 22 minutes. Please, listen to it entirely. I implore you. It goes through a lot in such a short amount of time. Thank you for considering the sounds and reading. Hi!

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[00:00] 20013 Heavy Meditation - “The Dreams”
[00:10] D/P/I “IN DREAMS”
[02:02] Sean McCann - “Character Change” [excerpt]
[03:24] Paisley Parks - “GMF” [excerpt]
[03:32] Ras G - “_G Spot Connection” [intro]
[03:34] Free Weed - “Ballbreaker (She’s Fine)”
[04:59] Giant Claw - “Wombs-Coda”
[05:04] Sun Araw - “TWO FROM THE DESERT: YUCCA VALLEY 2012” [into]
[06:03] Dean Blunt - “Four”
[06:15] Filthy Huns - “Sun Rider” [into]
[06:24] Ghostface Killah - “Beware Of The Stare” [intro]
[06:50] FAMILY EVENT - “SIDE B” [excerpt]
[07:33] Rice Master Yen - “Russian Blue”
[08:04] Rene Hell - “var_len 3” [excerpt]
[08:21] アドブロック+ - “못쓰게 만들다”
[08:56] Tech N9ne - “SMB”
[08:59] Arca - “Feminine”
[09:28] D/P/I - “VOID”
[09:33] Kool Keith - “Death Star Pimp Mobile” [excerpt/screw]
[10:07] Bataille Solaire - “Documentaires” [excerpt]
[10:22] d’Eon - “Putrid Water” [excerpt]
[10:23] Senator Ted Cruz - “Green Eggs and Ham”
[11:26] copeland - “Fit”
[11:30] Giuseppe Ielasi & Andrew Pekler - “07”
[13:28] Seth Graham - “Wet Shit”
[13:34] Lil Ugly Mane - “Side-Two” [excerpt]
[14:37] AyGeeTee - “Blue Preview”
[15:21] PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises - “Newgroup”
[15:28] Bigg K - “Freestyle on Sway in the Morning”
[17:02] Edward Snowden - “[PRISM secrets]”
[17:06] PLVS VLTRA - “私は小人”
[17:41] Miley Cyrus - “Wrecking Ball” [maybe]
[18:08] JFM - “How Many Hearts Do You Hold” [excerpt]
[19:01] 야광토끼 - ”왕자님”

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