♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 95 - “Day of the Dead: The Halloween Hangover Mix”

Awaken to the ticking time bomb of impending hangover. Enjoy these final seconds of drunken delirium, for the temple knives are about to turn, slowly grinding skull to bone ash. The pain is so unspeakable that uncontrollable diarrhea comes as a welcome reprieve, and yet each toxic release brings flashes of last night’s ceremonial madness — animalistic rage, anarchistic mayhem, inhumanity as the last rite of passage.

Drifting again from nightmarish corporeality, the disembodied mind retreats to relative comfort in the familiarity of folkloric superstition and primal fear, but not even these can maintain control of a consciousness exposed to the eldritch truth of primordial existence. From the cradle to the grave, languageless wails give way to entombed tongues. Perhaps ritual is the only means of escape. Perhaps…

Fuck it, here are some of my favorite dark/scary/weird songs of 2013 accompanied by samples culled from my collection of novelty horror LPs. Hopefully, it provides the perfect soundtrack to the phantasmic phantasmagoria of your own Halloween hangover. ¡Felíz Día de los Muertos!

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[00:16] The Body - “Melt Away”
[03:59] Gore Elohim - “Lord of Plagues”
[07:42] Chasms - “Darker Outside”
[12:39] Gucci Mane - “Decapitated”
[15:37] Nickelus F - “Da Reaper”
[20:11] Dismembered Cattle Fireworks - “Churches are the real faggots”
[20:12] 3:33 - “BB-6”
[23:09] Wormlust - “Á Altari Meistarans”
[29:14] Killah Priest - “Shadow Landz”
[32:52] Armand Hammer - “Duppy”

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