Guest Mix: 30XX
Like city lights, receding…

You’re weightlessly gliding over glossy clouded sapphire glass floors, the virtual plaza’s pixelated imitation-halogen LED walls humming neon nothings as you pass. An action movie montage of dolphins, mullets, jet skis, and bikinis streams continuously to and from a miniscule fractal nucleus you find yourself gravitating toward in a horde of pop-up window shoppers.

Suddenly, a 92-dicked daikaiju demon appears, fucking everything to exploded smithereens.

You awaken in a filmy ball pit of huge eyes popped from shallow sockets, your manhood taken, but your vision left mercilessly in tact. With it, you catch one last glimpse of the fiery giant, his embers flickering out, “like city lights, receding,” and in that instance you realize that never was the plaza as beautiful as it is now, burning to the ground.

The orchestrator of its destruction speaks:

This mix pretty much represents my fascination with cyberpunk/anime, goregrind, ’80s synth/wave worship, and J-pop, all mashed up in an atrociously odd abomination. Some of these artists have directly influenced the grind aspects of 30XX like Bile, Gigantic Brain, and HYPEREMESIS (who was the drummer on the recent 30XX BC Canada tour). Others fit the theme of goregrind transitioning to synth-pop/dreamwave/cyberpunk electronica which I often flirt with in 30XX. Couldn’t help but add some Kyary all up in this too.

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[00:00] Abducted By Sharks - “3AM”
[04:20] Bile - “Bled Dry”
[05:26] マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - “木野 まこと”
[07:23] GAF - “Forced Birth Slaughter”
[09:05] Albatrosicks - “ストロベリーラブジェネレイタ (REDALice Remix/GOREMAN X Hyper GLITCH MIX)”
[11:57] FM Attack - “Invisible”
[17:53] Gigantic Brain - “Crop Circles”
[21:18] Pyemisis - “CHEMICALS”
[22:13] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - “Cherry Bonbon”

30XX just came down from a hyper-productive month in which he not only finished said tour, but minced three new releases: Dead Future, BC Tour Tape, and Pulsating Future. Earlier this week, he presented a preview of more gore to come, with the “XX14 Sampler.” お楽しみください!

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