♫♪  Guest Mix: Archivist - “Untitled Chocolate Grinder Mix”

Photo: Ceci Corsano-Leopizzi

Seattle’s Archivist (Alex Markey) has been a key player in the recent emergence of the secondnature crew. The group, whose core members also include Aos, død, Nick Carroll, Fugal, Simic, and DJ Eddie Lee, first came to prominence throwing house parties in Tacoma, Washington. They moved on to weekend-long ragers at cabins in the Washington wilderness, where the burgeoning producers would showcase their own material alongside deep cuts of techno, house, and anything to keep the parties fresh and wild. Recently, the parties and events have migrated to clubs and show spaces in the Seattle area, and to further document, the creative electronic sounds of this group, they’ve launched a label under the secondnature banner (the first EP, from Berlin’s Fugal, not surprisingly, is already sold out).

Since we’ve covered Archivist recently, I knew he could provide the dopest of mixes for our Choco mix series, and the resulting mix is as clutch as they come. Alex had this to say about the set:

This mix was a happy accident. I had bought a couple of new records and I was just jamming at home on a weekday afternoon. I was having fun and decided to turn on the recorder on a whim, and ended up having a great little session without a lot of planning. Most of these tracks have been in pretty constant rotation for me recently, with selections from a few of my favorite labels.

Jam the mix below, subscribe to our podcast here, and peep the tracklist for those deep cuts.

[00:00] T++ - “Test#10Seed_Bit”
[02:22] Ruff Cherry - “Endless World (Future Mix)”
[06:26] Jeff Mills - “The Lovely Assistant”
[08:30] Efdemin - “Kassiber”
[11:40] TM404 - “303/303/303/303/606 (Svreca Remix)”
[13:50] Matrixxman & Echologist - “Messiah”
[17:20] Varg - “No Knowledge of Sorrow or Regret (Abdulla Rashim Remix)”
[21:10] Acronym - “Purity”
[24:55] Fugal - “New Autonomy”
[27:59] Israel Vines - “Indictment”
[31:22] Peter Van Hoesen - “Quadra”
[36:00] Wata Igarashi - “Hailstones”
[38:30] Post Scriptum - “Donbelief”
[42:35] Ness - “Ravage as an Earth Panther”
[45:03] Ruff Cherry - “Planet Outlaw”
[50:23] Shlømo - “Theory is the Worst (Kennedy Smith Remix)”
[54:00] Matrixxman & Echologist - “Confidence”

Chocolate Grinder

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