“Death Grips can’t do that, bitch”

Devon Hendryx is not afraid of pinching nerves. Over an obliterated surface of harsh, hazy samples, the artist behind JPEGMAFIA attacks controversial subjects and subjects of controversy. The beats are raw. He snarls insults, croons abuse, and Not quite the picture of Southern charm, but this is probably because Hendryx sees straight through the postcard sheen America casts to the cold, capitalist furnace within. His mind is sharp, and his politics are scathing and fearless – one song from an earlier tape on the Brighton label Memorials of Distinction, Communist Slow Jams, called “r.i.p Ismaaiyl Brinsley,” is a eulogy for a man who was convicted of killing two police officers. Nobody escapes his sniper scope – The Huxtables, The Cosbys, Bernie Sanders, trust fund kids, Hypebeast, Adam Sandler, everyone is laid to waste. The title of his latest mixtape, Black Ben Carson, pays homage to the strange, inexplicable existence of the man who singlehandedly dismantled the myth that all brain surgeons are of superior intellect, the serial liar, the most “honest man in Yale.” Hendryx hustled together a super exclusive mix of jams for TMT. Read it in his own words below:

My name is JPEGMAFIA a.k.a. darkskin Manson a.k.a. Buttermilk Jesus a.k.a. Young Bench Warrant a.k.a. Thotty 2 Hottie. I released my album “Black Ben Carson” on Presidents’ Day of his year and I’ve been receiving hate mail from “not racist” liberal ever since. I’m a Baltimore transplant who moved here last year during the riots and found a home in a city that’s mostly overlooked by the rest of the country. I picked the songs on that are on this mix based on the talent I saw around me. A lot of times artist with great visions don’t get heard ever. So I figured I’d put artist I thought were making creative shit on a platform they deserved. There’s so many eclectic styles in Baltimore so I tried to cover all bases, from noise to country we do it all. I want people to know that balitmore has he best music scene in the country hands down. And no body can dispute it. I also put some SUPER exclusive shit in there, like beats I made yesterday and shit, and songs that my father used to play for me when I was a kid. very rare. It’s a a honor to be a part of a tiny mixtapes guest mix and I know u guys will fuck with it. And if you don’t. Then Sansa is probably your favorite character on game of thrones.

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[00:00] JPEGMAFIA – “You Think You Know” (Produced by JPEGMAFIA)
[03:28] Android 23. – “93 Reasons” (feat. Butch Dawson) [Produced by Android 23.]
[07:38] Lil Yachty – “Fuck Up a $ack” (feat. K $upreme) [Produced by Digital NAS]
[09:48] JPEGMAFIA – “Bitcoin Assasination” (Produced by JPEGMAFIA)
[11:31] Cutty Ranks – “The Stopper” (Produced by Augustus ‘Gussie P’ Prento)
[14:55] Jacob Marley – “Knox” (Produced by Jacob Marley)
[16:35] JPEGMAFIA – “Beautiful Pu$$y” (Produced by JPEGMAFIA)
[19:37] Yaeji – “New York 93” (Produced by Yaeji)
[23: 00] Adam Holofcener – “6 Part Wrong Pt. 1” (Produced by Adam Holofcener)
[24: 53] JPEGMAFIA – “Face Down Ass Up” (feat. Bito & Kente of NASA8 & Freaky) [Produced by JPEGMAFIA]
[29:41] JPEGMAFIA – “Black Ben Carson” (Produced by JPEGMAFIA)
[33:22] JPEGMAFIA – “Stoop” (Produced by JPEGMAFIA)
[35:31] Joy Postell – “Keep it Movin’” (Produced by Eu-IV)
[38:50] Urban Shaman – “All That Way” (Produced by Urban Shaman)
[41:25] Abdu Ali x JPEGMAFIA – “No More Chips” (Produced by JPEGMAFIA)
[44:33] Dylijens – “Marinate With Grey” (feat. Greydolf) [Produced by Dylijens]
[47:30] JPEGMAFIA – “Untitled 4” (Produced by JPEGMAFIA)
[52:20] Death Fields - “Sell Cells” (Produced by Death Fields)
[54:44] Cassandra Jean – “Canary in the Mine Shift” (Written by Cassandra Rabe)
[58:35] Freaky x JPEGMAFIA - “Llama Mind” [Demo Unmixed / Unmastered] [Produced by JPEGMAFIA]
[1:03.00] Scale Wop – “RINKY 2K (feat. Freaky)” [Produced by Fridgidair Karats]
[1:06.00] :3lon x Greydolf x Peggy – “Wi-Fi” (Produced by JPEGMAFIA)
[1:10.00] JPEGMAFIA – “Cause A Drought” (Produced by JPEGMAFIA)

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