♫♪  Guest Mix: Kanyon - Weekends Alone

by Elbert Perez

Maybe it was somewhere just past Yonkers “Upstate” New York where Kanyon (a.k.a. DJ JOHN BROOKLYN. a.k.a. badboypeepee) told me he grew up while the entire Swim Team crew — including Helix — were running an extreme pre-game for themselves in Color Plus’ Brooklyn basement apartment. It was the night of their first event at Trans Pecos, Kanyon was first to DJ (I believe intentionally to draw in street goers and neighbors), but all I remember was his bringing in all freaks to the dance floor. Mad limbs were jutting out in directions that never repeated themselves, bass was low-level richter scaling Ridgewood, exorcisms being performed via auditory sensory immersion, and eventually the music itself birthed a baby in the back bathroom toward the end of Kanyon’s set.

The day before, Kanyon, Fugitive and I were driving under a high line, early October, so the windows were down, and I figured my old system could compete with the train above. I popped on Ivy Barkakati’s “Obras”, which did the trick. After, Kanyon asked me to send the release to him, and that night he added it into his mix for the next day’s Swim Team event. Thus, within all this information, I’ve huge confidence in Kanyon’s ability to mix. Live sets. Online sets. An album. The boy’s got the goods.

Wielding brilliant cover art by Elbert Perez, Weekends Alone presents Kanyon as both a club and studio master. Even including some unreleased and “?” tracks, Weekends Alone is listenable in all life’s situations, so don’t continue to waste time reading my non-sense, Kanyon just put in some WORK:

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Weekends Alone:

• Kanyon - ?
• Babi Audi - Sing For Me
• Akito - Codeine Claps
• Babi Audi - You a Life
• ?
• Ciara n Mechatok - Nite Overdose Emigr Blend
• Syymstress - Bagz2
• Divoli S’vere and Beek - Blow Ya Smoke Strawberry Kush Remix
• Shady physician - Onyx
• Yoshitaka Hikawa - wt/yt
• Action Figures - Hormesis
• John Brooklyn - ?
• Shalt x Supremes - Unconfined (Dis Fig Bootie)
• Action Figures - Lost Conversation
• Booba - Génération Assasin (Detente Refix)
• Morten HD x Lil Trav (Kanyon Blend)
• Vanilla Hammer - Crabskin (Kanyon Mishap)
• Rahn Rahn Splash x Chub Splash - http://flexxin.com
• Acemo - Yup (hm)
• Greatest Mistake - Sleep Patterns Reading

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