♫♪  Guest Mix: Mondkopf - Always out to lunch

Paul Régimbeau is the SHAPE-affiliated French producer behind Mondkopf, who has been releasing music under the nom de plume since 2006 on labels such as Perc Trax and Asphalt Duchess. Hadès, his last album as Mondkopf, was released last year on his own In Paradisum imprint, and it saw the producer enhancing his sonic narratives with propulsive rhythms, vivid dynamics, and terrorizing harshness. Régimbeau’s latest project is called Extreme Precautions, where he unexpectedly (though seamlessly) trades in abrasive techno for blast beat-influenced dramatics, tearing through 11 untitled tracks on I.

The guest mix that Régimbeau graciously made for us, titled Always out to lunch, further articulates his interest in the materiality of sound, exploring contrast through masterful pacing and varying degrees of dissonance. Like his music, it’s dark and moody, reorienting suspense and tension as ends unto themselves rather than as the couriers they’re so often internalized to be. Artists include Emptyset, Lorenzo Senni, Tod Dockstader, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe/Ariel Kalma, and Peder Mannerfelt.

Régimbeau will be performing at two upcoming SHAPE-sponsored events: Schiev Festival in Brussels (November 5-8) and the Némo biennale in Paris (January 2016). He’ll be premiering his new duo Autrenoir at Schiev and a piece called “Spero Lucem” at Némo. (Note: the previously-reported RIAM gig is now cancelled.)

Stream the mix below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] Emptyset - “Absence”
[04:10] Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma - “Gongmo Kalma Love”
[09:00] Pearson Sound - “Glass Eye”
[12:50] Peder Mannerfelt - “Flagellation”
[14:30] Jahiliyya Fields - “Narrow Cross”
[16:40] Asolaar - “Lord H. Mohawk”
[20:10] Shivers - “Brood”
[22:20] Franck Vigroux - “Fichier”
[24:45] Tod Dockstader - “Two Fragments From Apocalypse (First Fragment)”
[26:15] Lorenzo Senni - “PointillistiC”

• Mondkopf: https://soundcloud.com/mondkopf
• Extreme Precautions: https://www.facebook.com/ExtremePrecautions
• In Paradisum: https://inparadisum.bandcamp.com
• SHAPE: http://www.shapeplatform.eu

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