♫♪  Barnaby Bennett - “100 Moons”

Nobody is nicer than Barnaby Bennett. It’s an Earthly FACT. Ask anyone who knows ‘em. Ask a stranger, fuck it. They’ll be like, “Sure, buddy!” And take “100 Moons” for example of his kindness. Listen to the architecture he’s measuring and molding here. There’s a real sculpture to the subtlety of tones Barnaby uses there that are equally soft as they are jarring, being to politely distract your psyche. This fucking guy! HAH Like, even the feedback and poised with jarred alien sounds that provides more of a curious element than something foreign or frightening. For goodness’ sake, old BB popped in the calmest vocals too, like a safe-siren back to the shores of reality, after having cast listeners out into a stagnantly glass sea that underneath you could witness the turmoil, but merely only hear an echo of what is actually happening.

But maybe this is more of the communication with another island’s soil. An island in our universe. A planet. Satellite. Maybe it’s a conversation between “100 Moons.” Or of “100 Moons.” Or to “100 Moons.” Although, one thing is for sure: Barnaby Bennett will never disappoint in providing musical magic mastery. Don’t believe me? “100 Moons” below will be the most experimentally relaxed “trip” you’ve taken sonically in YEARS:

• Barnaby Bennett: http://barnabybennett.snack.ws

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