♫♪  Barnaby Bennett - Angles

Barnaby Bennett gets me hella wet. It’s a clean up after too, but worth the slip! And not only is he super well networked and stitched into music cliques around the world, but I feel like all my interviews I’m constantly include Barnaby. Like in Alex’s interview, or the one I did with M. Geddes (to be published SOON). Barnaby has effin’ recorded tracks with R. Stevie. He’s even gripped a release on Umor Rex. The dude goes beyond the song, however familiar it may feel: your twist is his turn in these tunes, and that’s just the tip. It’s lingering in a songwriter way. It glitches-out in a producer way. It trails on in a gazed out fuck-vision way. It’s every way.

Sorta like Mariah Carey, Barnaby get’s deep on some experimental and pop demographic zones in his newest release Angles, and it sorta sounds like Acid Mother’s Temple on their laxx traxx. Especially in the track “corrina, corrina” that transitions into some picked out dimensional vibrations in “low down, lonesome steel.” So hit up this young Angels by Barnaby Bennett (THE BB; featuring Melissa King-Hope, Wouter De Buck, and Patrick Whitten) below and enjoy the wave:

• Barnaby Bennett: http://barnabybennett.snack.ws

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