♫♪  Barnaby Bennett - “Lewis” (ft. Tigerwing)

What I dig most about Canadian folk-electronic’teer Barnaby Bennett is his unpredictable creativity. There’s always a tinge of unique collaboration, country private-press vibe, with technical patience, exploration, and sonic trickery. Well, always sonic trickery. And feeling the depths of “Lewis,” BB features the expert vocal dynamics and lyric-less purity of his good pal, Tigerwing. Serenity is meant to be met half way. Intermittent teamwork is admiration in kindred energy, so whenever the opportunity, the Barnaby Bennett and Tigerwing combo is always worth nodding to, though the length of “Lewis” leads me to believe this may be a transition or intro track. Generally, this little taste of Barnaby’s newest forthcoming winter album Maple Syrup is exactly that: a generous but brief pour of thick sugary warmth that enhances and enlightens the experience.

Enjoy the treat. “Lewis” is only building up the puzzle. So before the full pour of Maple Syrup, feel the build up, below:

• Barnaby Bennett: http://barnabybennett.snack.ws
• Tigerwing: http://tigerwing.bandcamp.com

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