♫♪  Bastian Void - “Videochess / The Mosaic Navigator”

Somebody has to make the soundtrack for an ever bio-technological society. Like, it’s not that there’s any sort of prediction that humans will one-day be able to more biologically hook up to machinery, but it’s not doubtful. Nor is it doubtful that some will practice abstaining from this lifestyle. Thus, the political nature of morality will continue to fuel whatever generational upheaval people will eventually conjure up. So it’s nice to have tracks like “Videochess / The Mosaic Navigator” scattering the Internet will pre-political back-tracking. For all we know, Bastian Void (a.k.a. Joe Bastardo) becomes the future author of the new-world/-country anthem, in the midst of playing the game of cards.

More than the ordinary VHS visual mirage, “Videochess / The Mosaic Navigator” pairs the hallucinative side of Bastian Void’s music with images matching the same level of pliable psyche melt. So if you want a taste of more, head on over to SicSic Tapes and grip the newest Bastian Void release No Dreams on the REEL. In the mean time, watch “Videochess / The Mosaic Navigator” on the biggest screen you got, below:

• Bastion Void: https://bastianvoid.bandcamp.com
• SicSic Tapes: http://www.sicsic.de

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