♫♪  Bun P. / Jr. (Kool Toad) - “Rock & Roll Music (Masters Of Nothing)”

Eyes are not always the beholder of secrets. Shit, sometimes they trick you even into thinking one thing, when the illusion if fragmented light and color and your own damn cones’ fault. So, below “Rock & Roll Music (Masters Of Nothing)” off the Kool Toad CD-r, Great Music (soon to drop on Night People, dubbed on CS), or maybe it’s someone else. Last week TMT fronted “Die Hard (Acid): First Try” by free music, who i think is Kool Toad, but scope the Blogspot below if you’re feeling noir enough to unravel the moniker myster. Though, does it even matter when busted cones just agree with the visual of music? Because “Rock & Roll Music (Masters Of Nothing)” is one HECK of a nodder. Then the depict of this video and the visual around the studio with “Rock & Roll Music (Masters Of Nothing)” throbbing in the background. Brilliant.

Great Music by [Various Artists] will be rereleased on cassette via Night People Records VERY SOON! In the mean time, scope the Ween-meets-311 vocal feel of “Rock & Roll Music (Masters Of Nothing)” below, and snoop the videos there-after. It’s a rabbit hole!

• free music: http://www.freetimewebpage.blogspot.com
• Night People Records: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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