♫♪  free music - “Die Hard (Acid): First Try”

Actually, what I heard is the entire new (and Night People re-reel cassette) of Great Music by free music was made entirely in one take (side from VHS dubbing) on an uncounted amount of keyboards. Well, no, the truth is “Die Hard (Acid): First Try” came out a while ago, and I’m talking just about after Die Hard II: Die Harder was released on VHS, so director John McTiernan loosely based most of the third movie on the jam, which samples were added into later for full holophonic effect. Not playing this time: I’ve no idea who I’ve been e-mailing back and fourth about free music, but I trash-talked [general] PR firm “Merge.pdf” spam I receive on the daily, and then looked at the free time webpage Blogspot attached to the free music SoundCloud, there’s a million names there, so like YES! And mostly, it slays that free music reached out to Uncle Sean at Night People, because it’s not only the type of music that’s been babbling from the Minneapolis label’s brook, but Great Music’s maker/e-mailer/Willy is exactly the sort of crowd matching the Night People artist discography. Plenty more to come. But for the time being, enjoy the levity and humor, the curves and smurves of “Die Hard (Acid): First Try” streaming below:

• free music: http://www.freetimewebpage.blogspot.com
• Night People Records: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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