♫♪  Free Music - “Bp.mov”

Around the time I rebooted my cassette collecting obsession (esp. w/ Night People Records, Not Not Fun, Stunned, etc.) is exactly how the new “Bp.mov” by Free Music video looks. Most of the time completely fried. Maxed bored in Suburbia. Nothing to eat. Ripped cassettes on CD-rs. Getting stuck places I didn’t expect: side of building between fences, hospital bathroom over night, in a car wash for three hours, roof of a gas station, etc. But I always had a party in a bag, including right- and left-handed cigarettes and lighter, a flask of yak, cassette “Walkman” w/ speaker (from China), a case that can hold up-to six cassettes, and something to read. But this “Bp.mov” is some LOL music video zones. Super clever Free Music mixture in a set-environment as such. Fisheye-lense leg shot is my favorite!

Free Music’s Bgi Pavement, Song for You is out 10/20 on Night People Records, which is a perfect time for that kinda drop. And snoop Free Music on tour below:

8/1 - Missoula: ZACC Below
8/3 - Seattle: Big Warehouse
8/4 - Portland: Projection Museum
8/6 - Oakland: Oakland Secret
8/7 - Oakland: Feral
8/8 - Los Angeles: The Griffin
8/11 - Denver: WMCA
8/12 - Kansas City: Pt. Rip

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