♫♪  Cellular Chaos, Admiral Grey, Shayna Dulberger, Weasel Weasel - “Diamond Teeth Clenched”

Diamond Teeth Clenched, the second full-length album from New York quintet Cellular Chaos, came out last month on old Midwest buddy cop label SKiN GRAFT. Together, singer Admiral Grey, bassist Shayna Dulberger, and Weasel Weasel have made an album as organically batshit as its 2013 self-titled predecessor. These dozen songs are encased in raw mayhem, stitched together through glam and high-end fuck-it noise rock, radical in their power and their succinctness.

The video for the title track, directed by Preston Spurlock, isn’t much different. Like a found collection of poorly-shot, grainy 1992 bootleg Pay-Per-View program torn up and shoved into a VCR, the video for “Diamond Teeth Clenched,” like the song, is falling into itself from every angle. Cellular Chaos are tearing the walls down and rolling around in the dust. And they’re daring you to stop them.

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