Bobby Conn to battle Cellular Chaos on upcoming Skin Graft compilation, premieres new single

Bobby Conn to battle Cellular Chaos on upcoming Skin Graft compilation, premieres new single

Nothing inspires competition like regional pride — at least, that’s the concept driving Skin Graft Records’ upcoming compilation disc. Dropping March 15, Post Now: Round One - Chicago vs. New York pits the Big Apple against the Windy City, booking 4 avant-rock outfits from each metro to face off in a series of head-to-head matchups.

Tapping the 27-year-old label’s rolodex of friends and collaborators, the record features many longtime Skin Graft staples like Cheer-Accident and The Flying Luttenbachers. Upstart NYC trio Skryptor inject new blood into the mix, fusing their label’s no-wave roots with fresh math rock riffage.

Today, the venerable St. Louis (by-way-of-Vienna) label is also premiering the compilation’s second single, Bobby Conn’s “Sticky Nougat,” priming our taste buds for his upcoming bout with New York noise-rockers Cellular Chaos.

“A veteran of Chicago’s no wave scene, Bobby Conn quickly developed a reputation for delivering messages of hope, politics, despair, revolution and bullshit in a quasi-falsetto, all the while decked to the nines in glitter, eyeliner and high heels” said Skin Graft in a press release. “Extravagantly excessive art-rock for today’s stripped-down lifestyles.”A glam-rock fable about the means of candy production, the track melds the realm of the unreal with midwestern sincerity.

Stream “Sticky Nougat” below. While you’re here, scroll through Post Now’s full tracklist and enjoy its cover art, designed by Rob Syers and Mark Fischer.

Post Now: Round One - Chicago vs New York tracklisting:

01. Cheer-Accident - War Is A Warrior
02. Cheer-Accident - Site
03. The Flying Luttenbachers - Demonic Velocities
04. The Flying Luttenbachers - Prelude To Mutation
05. Lovely Little Girls - Be Good To Your Shoes
06. Lovely Little Girls - Emphatic Service
07. Skryptor - Clown Pony (Live)
08. Skryptor - Red Mountain
09. Bobby Conn - Man Crush
10. Bobby Conn - Sticky Nougat
11. Cellular Chaos - Gaslight
12. Cellular Chaos - Dirty Girl
13. Tijuana Hercules - Revisted
14. Tijuana Hercules - I Stand Condemned
15. Child Abuse - Dare To Live / Staying Strong
16. Child Abuse - Grow A Pair / It’s My Time / Finally Free

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