♫♪  Cloud Becomes Your Hand - “Sand of Sea”

Photo By: Richard McCaffrey

From the creative vision of Nanako Tsuruta, comes a complete reimagining of Cloud Becomes Your Hand’s single “Sand of Sea” off their new album Rocks or Cakes. And what a site to behold, listeners. All the mythos and deep lore that Cloud Becomes Your Hand employs in their lyrics comes to life in cut up and colored visualizations, doctored in stop-motion animation and a variety of fan-fare smiles and shocks. Oh, the monstrous tidal waves. The blank face the moment that paddle sinks. Clams bugging out while saving the day. Mutation?! Don’t be surprised. Cloud Becomes Your Hand provides the perfect noodling and squirming to soundtrack the exact vision to fit their music. It ain’t uroboros, either. It’s the birth of a furred and tailed creature, a pet clam, and making otter-like moves.

Insane as the creativity pops off here in the video for “Sand of Sea,” that shell headed, one eye winged creature lives two doors down from me. Said he met Jesse Ventura once at a book reading about conspiracy behind the JFK assassination. In any case, Cloud Becomes Your Hand’s newest album Rocks or Cakes is available for purchase TODAY on digital and CD via Northern Spy Records and on LP via Feeding Tube Records. Both labels are RIGHT there on the cusp of brand new, crisp, and beyond sounds, so Cloud Becomes Your Hand nuzzles right into every nook and cranny of each label’s glove. Scope the video premiere for “Sand of Sea” below and head to these labels and grip Rocks or Cakes:

• Cloud Becomes Your Hand: http://cloudbecomesyourhand.com
• Northern Spy Records: http://northernspyrecords.com
• Feeding Tube Records: http://www.feedingtuberecords.com

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