Cloud Becomes Your Hand announce tour with Ryan Power, do their best to promote Prog Peace

Cloud Becomes Your Hand announce tour with Ryan Power, do their best to promote Prog Peace

Ancient conflicts and long-smoldering grudges still very much define our existence on this rotten earth. But of all the struggles that have torn mankind asunder, perhaps none other is more perfidious than the eternal battle waged between fans of theatrical progressive rock and those who prefer technique to spectacle. Legions of drama geeks with music minors litter the former’s ranks, hammily bellowing for blood, while the latter mostly sit cross-legged on stools trying to out-Fripp their competition into oblivion.

Then there are bands like Cloud Becomes Your Hand, the psychy Brooklyn five-piece that operates on the margins of both entrenched camps. Like the best prog acts, CBYH’s expert musicianship is inextricable from its campy stage show, which includes everything from a tall ghostly figure making out with an electric vibraphone to a climactic dance routine that made our very own Gumshoe gush with praise during this past SXSW. In fact, Mr. Purdum even went so far as to write that “CBYH put on the best show of SXSW, bar none.”

You don’t need to take his word for it, though! See for yourself as CBYH prog their way across America this July with Burlington’s own demented popsmith Ryan Power in tow. If you’re still not convinced, check out this track from the band’s first full-length album Rocks or Cakes. With any luck, CBYH will be the foretold messiah who at lasts bestows Prog Peace upon this world.


06.28.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Shea Stadium #
07.05.14 - Queens, NY - Knockdown Center $
07.06.14 - Philadelphia, PA - A House Named Virtue $%
07.08.14 - Detroit, MI - PJ Lager House $
07.09.14 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle $
07.10.14 - Dayton, OH - Blind Bob’s $
07.11.14 - Baltimore, MD - The Crown $
07.12.14 - Boston, MA - Cambridge Elks Lodge $
07.13.14 - Burlington, VT - ArtsRiot $

# Ono, Obnox, The Dreebs
$ Ryan Power, Giant Claw
% Banned Books, God’s Dogs

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