♫♪  Così e Così - “Bee”

My most favorite thing in the world is when someone replies to the question, “What kind of music do you like?” with the answer: I don’t listen to music. To me, that’s like saying, I don’t speak your language. But my language (in this scenario) is simply sounds of intrigue. As if music were a language of chess, and “winning” consisted of conveying an emotion though audio.

Thus, I don’t fucking like Così e Così, which is what intrigues me so much about this music when it comes intertwined with my path at Chocolate Grinder. This sound of outsider house and underground glam Così e Così has perfected is actually flawless in practice. Like, the Bowie is there, all the Amanda “Brown” house continues to suck the blood, late-nite hours are fourth-mealing a hangover into sleep-in bliss; and the sunset.

The video for “Bee” isn’t as appealing as the memory of that visual. Così e Così dancing over and over in your dreams and never letting go. An endurance in community. Choices to delve the way. So, such as No Exist on the plane, “Bees” suckles from Impermanence In The Time Of Heavens, which is out September 7 on 2xLP 140g, answering all inquiries of disinterest into pure emotional understanding. Feels!

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