Diamond Soul

No fucking way is Orange Milk Records letting me premiere the new Diamond Soul tape, Augmented Reality (feat. Honnda, Rob Jacobs, and Rana). JK, it’s just the single “Sluggin’.” But… you wanna know the Augmented Reality feel? Please refer to the cover art, because this is your face on Diamond Soul. This is the dance-floor maze you’ve been looking for to grip all souls into the club. Augmented Reality is that flickering between your eyes blinking and the strobe light. It’s finding a peace of nirvana in the middle of the night. A shower that fills your apartment, and the one below it, so add some stairs and get a two-floor boogie popping. Invite the whole complex. Stop me from trying!

No fucking way, covering Augmented Reality by Diamond Soul — the new Orange Milk Records cassette tape — is like that time they threw the Chitokyo Mixtape at TMT. Augmented Reality takes me back to discovering Foodman, or like a cross between Bruce Smear and Darren Keen. Eh, find out for yourself and snag it on September 21 via Orange Mil Records, and click below for just a taste of “Sluggin’!!!!”

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